You control who can have access to your Sharebox. Notifications tell you when the content is picked up and by whom.


Manage your reservations through the Sharebox app. All you need is your phone, no codes or passwords are required.


Drop off or pick up the content whenever you want. The App guides you to the nearest Sharebox, at a convenient store nearby with long opening hours.

The Sharebox Service

Sharebox wants to make it more convenient for you to exchange keys. To use our service you need a phone and to download the Sharebox App. The phone is always at hand and the app will guide you every step of the way.

The Sharebox app allows you to:

  • Find a Sharebox
  • Make a reservation
  • Allow others to get access
  • Open the locker, even remotely.
  • Keep track of who access the box and when.

Product and Price


Sharebox offer two services


Sharebox, single transaction
One delivery –  one pickup.
Price:   NOK 30,-  per day
(tax included)

Rent a box for a day.
The service is charged every 24 hours.
Before the rental period exceeds 24 hour, both sender en receiver is notified.

Sharebox+, subscription
Unlimit deliveries – unlimit pickup’s
Price:   NOK 299,-  per month
(tax included)

Rent a box for a month at a time.
The service allows you to use the box as often as you’d like, assign as many recipients you want and leave the content for as long as you want
The service is automaticly renewed until you remove the subscription.

Reservation Payment:

When you rent a box and assign a recipient – you pay! For the recipient the service is free.

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    Get the App

    Download the Sharebox app and register to get started. Let the App guide you to the nearest location.

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    Make a Reservation

    Make a reservation when you’re at the location. Add a recipient from your contact list to give others access and press “open”.  Put your content inside and close the locker.

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    The Delivery & Pick up

    Receiver is notified that the content is ready to be picked up and you will be notified when the content is collected..