About Sharebox

Sharebox AS was founded in Las Vegas, January 2016 and registered in Norway the next month. Since then we have developed an app controlled cabinet to provide a safe and convenient key exchange. To make the service as available as possible, most Sharebox’es are placed in 24-hours locations. The idea was triggered by a failed handover in Manhattan. We asked ourselves how could we facilitate a smart, safe and convenient handover. The answer was Sharebox, a completely app controlled service managed by your phone. Since August we have been running a successful pilot at selected locations in Oslo and Kristiansand. Our immediate goal is to launch nationally followed by Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.
Head Office
Arne Eivind Andersen
CEO/ Founder
Personal Email: arne.eivind.andersen@sharebox.no
Personal Phone: +47 41 50 21 60

Visiting address: Vesterveien 173, N-4817 HIS
Office Email: post@sharebox.no
Office Phone: +47 40 43 44 00

Sales Office
Bjart Andersen
Head of Sales
Personal Email: bjart.andersen@sharebox.no
Personal Phone: +47 90 99 74 69

Visiting address: Tordenskioldsgate 3. N- 0160 Oslo
Office Email: post@sharebox.no
Office Phone: +47 40 43 44 00